About Me

My name is Nico Hickman. I'm a junior at Western Washington University, majoring in Computer Science. Sometimes I write some software.


I've used a variety of languages and frameworks for different projects, including:

  • Rust for CLI and GUI applications, as well as some libraries
  • NodeJS for web servers
  • MongoDB for document storage
  • Some limited experience in C, C++, Java, and Python.
  • Client-side web applications using both Vue and vanilla Javascript


Here's a list of the projects I've written that I feel are useful enough to others to share(though I by no means claim they are all optimal).

GUI Apps
  • signal-rs is a rust-based client app for the Signal messaging service, written with a QML frontend. It's designed for use with Linux phones like the PinePhone, but works on the desktop just as well.
CLI Apps
  • eidolon is a CLI tool written in Rust to manage and launch games on Linux with minimized bloat.
  • wyvern is a Linux client for that you easily download, update, and sync the save files of games. You can also automatically claim games provided via the GOG Connect program.
  • raven is a Rust-based theme manager for Linux, supporting over 15 different ways to customize your rice. It also has a reasonably in-depth wiki here.
  • usb-main is a nodejs-based tool to download, update, and burn images of Linux distros automatically.
  • butlerd-rs is a Rust library made to interface with's butler daemon.
  • gogapi-rs is a Rust library for making calls to the GOG web API
  • ravenlib is the library that powers raven, available separately for others to easily build their own clients.
Excursions into the Web
  • Classfinder is a new version of WWU's Classfinder site, written with a more modern UI and several new features. It scrapes the old Classfinder site for its data.
  • this website, generated using Emacs' org mode and a few python scripts, served by Flask.
  • ravenserver is an online server for people to share and install raven themes from. I run an instance here. I recently rewrote it in Rust, using the rocket framework. It was originally written in NodeJS, using express. You can see that outdated version here if you want.
  • samurai is a game about a young man saving his city from samurai, coded in Unity. This was made as part of the DigiPen VGP1 WANIC program, where I acted as the tech director.
  • joust is a reproduction of Joust in Unity. This was also made as a part of the DigiPen program. I led the programming portion.
  • photon chicken is a re-imagining of the arcade game Tron, written in Rust using the piston engine.
  • org-sourcehut is a theme for the HTML exported by Emacs' org mode that styles it like It is also used for this website.
  • school-alerter is a nodejs daemon that scrapes my school's Trumba calender and texts me every morning with what time I have to be at school that day, depending on the class schedule that day.

This site is under the MIT License. The CSS for this website comes from sourcehut, where it is also distributed under the MIT license. If you would like to view the source of this site, it is available here.